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Reiki Practitioner Resource Therapy Room Kit 1

Reiki Practitioner Resource Therapy Room Kit 1

Grab this Resource Kit for your Reiki Therapy treatment room resources for yourself and your clients.

A variety of Printable sheets and flyers to compliment your therapy room. 

Print out and have sheets available for your clients to read.

There is 9 info flyers & forms included:

  1. What is Reiki info sheet
  2. Reiki Treatment info sheet
  3. Client Post Treatment handout.
  4. Health benefits info sheet
  5. Reiki Client form
  6. The 7 Chakras System
  7. Chakras and Essential Oils info sheet
  8.  Auras and colours sheet
  9. Reiki Client Questionaire
  • Printables

    Download and print on demand. Handy sheets for therapy room and festivals. Feel free to add a sticker with your info on sheets.

    Note: these info sheets are not for resale.


    thank you. Kerry G.

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