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Move your Chakras, change your life.

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Welcome To Chakradance TM

Chakradance is a healing movement practice. It’s a form of nourishment for your true self – for your soul. Moving to music specifically created to resonate with each chakra, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re-connection. It offers a kind of liberation.

It feels like coming home.

Your invitation to Chakradance.


What is Chakradance TM?

Our invitation is for you to find what thousands of others have found - the unravelling of blocked energy, deepened connection to your true, authentic self, and the feeling of coming home. 

Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound. Chakradance will free energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life. A healing dance / movement practice that draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles. Chakradance aims to restore health to our Chakras - The energy centres that, in eastern tradition are the gateways to integrating mind, body and spirit. In a darkened room, lit only by candle light we move with our eyes closed, and our attention inwards, for unlike most other dance practice, Chakradance TM is about making connection with the inner world the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

Welcome to Chakradance TM. Come and explore. Have fun. Find meaning. Let go. Come and Look deeper into each Chakra, each part of you, and experience more within dance that is uniquely yours.



Tracey, Australia

"I am living again. I love Chakradance. Life has opened up and I feel so much lighter. My
appreciation for myself, and my life, is amazing. I feel more like me than I ever have.
Tracey, Australia

Deepak Chopra

"Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on chakras … and a wonderful experience..

Kathy, Canada

Chakradance has brought back to me those parts of myself that I had forgotten or left by the
wayside as life presented other demands. It has given me clarity, renewed strength, a handbag
of beautiful tools, and a re-ignited knowing that I can create and manifest what is exactly right
for me.


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CHAKRADANCE TM is a powerful and authentic healing dance practice to promote that wonderful state of calm vitality known as “well being”. Practising CHAKRADANCE TM can help tune and balance your whole body/mind/spirit system using spontaneous dance, guided imagery and music that resonates deeply with each in turn of the seven major chakras. Some who have experienced it claim it has transformed their lives; others simply that they enjoyed it hugely.

Why not try it for yourself?

Chakradance Daily Ritual

Use this 15-minute Freedom daily practice, at times to suit you, as a regular daily ritual to help keep your chakra system balanced and healthy. Get your Free 15-minute Chakradance mini-class to maintain the health and balance of your chakra system.

Yes please! Send it now.

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We believe in the power of the chakra system to help individuals achieve overall well-being and balance in their lives. Our focus is on the seven major chakras - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and crown chakras - each with a different function and energy. Our goal is to help individuals understand each chakra and how it can be balanced to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Your chakras influence the health of:

Your physical body.
Your energetic body or aura.
Your spirit.
Your emotions.
Your intellect.

Do you prefer to private sessions?
Have this opportunity to book private 1:1 or a small group of 3 x friends for
exclusive classes at Kerry's private studio at South West Rocks NSW Australia.


7 Keys to Freedom

1hr class. In this dance you discover a deeper connection to your true authentic self, the unravelling
of blocked energy and the feeling of coming home. Dance the 7 Chakras includes Mandala art.


Awakening Cycle

9 Week Program

This cycle runs over 9 weeks. I am running a  Chakradance TM  series for 1:1 personal sessions who are ready for deep inner transformational work. Every week for 9 weeks we will explore a different chakra using free-form dance, music pulsing to the energy of each chakra, guided imagery, and mandala art.

Upcoming Events
Small group 4 per sessions.

No events at the moment

Discover a deeper connection to your true authentic self, the unravelling of blocked energy and the feeling of coming home.
Kerry Grezl - Chakradance TM Facilitator since 2013

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