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Personal Development


Welcome to Your Creative Essence By Design, where Kerry offer's personal development programs that are rooted in ancient teachings and accredited modalities. As a Holistic practitioner, mentor & facilitator, I know that true wellness is achieved when we're able to connect with our inner selves. My programs are designed to help you embark on this journey, exploring deeper levels of healing and growth. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing, we have a variety of programs available that can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Join me and discover your true essence!

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  • Best Value

    6 Week Self Discovery & Enlightenment.

    Every week
    Kick Start Your Spiritual Awakening. Attuning yourself to your souls guidance.
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 1:1 Personal Training at South West Rocks or Online Zoom.
    • 6 x 1hr Workshops. (weekly dates to suit) + Worksheets.
    • Week 1: Week 1: Awakening to Your Truth.
    • Week 2: Week 2: Embracing Your Shadow.
    • Week 3: Awakening Your Inner Goddess.
    • Week 4: Unleashing Your Inner Strength.
    • Week 5: Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence.
    • Week 6: Integrating Your Awakening.
    • BONUS "What are my Intuitive Abilities" ecourse $55
    • BONUS 1 x ABFE 30 ml Light White Light - Water Essence $38
    • $93 worth of BONUSES!
    • Certificate on completion.
  • 1:1 Chakradance 7 Keys to Freedom. .

    Private Session. Balance and restore your whole energy system to vibrant health.
    Valid for one month
    • Duration 1hr 15 mins session
    • Dance the 7 Chakras dynamic movement meditations.
    • Includes mandala art materials + discussion on conclusion.
    • Includes resource sheets.
    • BONUS Chakra Health E-book.

    Every week
    A Basic Home + Contact Page Template.
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Basic DIY WIX Template to suit your business.
    • Includes a Home, Events & Contact page.
    • 2 x 1hr DIY Mentoring session on your dashboard.
    • Chatting on messenger.
    • BONUS WIX e-guide.
    • How To Build A WIX Website In 10 Steps online guide.

    Perfect for beginners to check your website issues.
    • 30 min Zoom to chat about your issue + 1hr co-work online.
  • CANVA Magic

    Perfect For Beginners New To Canva.
    • 2 hrs Visual Assistant DIY Zoom Session +
    • collaborating in your Canva dashboard.
  • 7 Keys To Freedom - Group Training

    Private 1 hr 15 mins small group class. Full Price is for 3 persons.
    • Includes class handouts.
    • Introductory Chakradance 1hr session
    • Mandala Art resources.
    • Exclusive invitation to our online FB group.
    • Supplied all your props.
    • BONUS Chakra Health Check ebook for each person.
  • Chakradance 9 Part Immersion Program

    Every week
    9 x 1:1 Private 1hr Sessions
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Includes 9 weekly 1hr sessions dancing each Chakra.
    • Class handouts.
    • Invitation to our members online group.
    • 9 weekly check in with Kerry either by zoom or phone.
  • 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Program

    Every week
    Perfect for beginners interested in creating a positive mindset.
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 8 1hr Mindfulness Meditation Practice sessions
    • 8 Weekly check in with Kerry either by phone or messenger.
    • Invitation to our private group to continue your practice.
    • BONUS "7 Days of Happiness Challenge" value $49.95
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