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Meet Kerry Grezl

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Hi my name is Kerry Grezl 

I have been involved in the Wellness /Fitness/Yoga Industry for over 27 years and I have taught so many beautiful souls over that time. I am trained in many modalities which align to my heart and my life, everything you see in my business has been my personal journey so my classes /programs are now coming online. I would love to share all my knowledge with you.

I remember I was sitting in my bedroom, so frozen with fear and lacking any direction or life purpose, and it occurred to me, a light bulb experience, I had to find ways to change my life and get myself back onto my path. I remember saying to myself, "I need to find out how other people who had had a worst life and managed to live an extraordinary life....but how?"


I made it my quest for me to find out how to create a life full of purpose and joy. I spent the next 27 years signing up and investing in many professional modalities that would help my life and create the business of my dreams.

I am presently training long term with The Coaching Institute in Melbourne to develop my Coaching skills.


Kerry is a trained:

Holistic Wellness & Business Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

Fitness & Yoga Instructor

Aust. Bush Flower Essences Adv. Practitioner

Chakradance Facilitator

doTERRA Essential Oils / Wellness Consultant

Shamanic Crystal Healer

2021 Member Badge Master Prac.png
2021 Member Badge Pro Coach.png
06. ICG Associate Member Recognition Bad
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