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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

The Road To Happiness

We all have different definitions of happiness. What might make you happy may not be a source of happiness for other people. What others call their source of joy and fulfillment, may be a source of disdain for you. For instance, many may say their happiness comes from their families and their good health. For others, it might be their jobs and their careers. For some, it’s their wealth and their social standing in the community. For more than a few people, tasty food and drinks light them up like no other. And the list goes on.

With that said, researchers have long debated on a single definition of happiness. This is because there are far too many factors that affect and contribute to a person's happiness. The consensus, however, is that “happiness is the state of being happy.” I know this definition still seems a bit vague, but the point is that happiness is a mental state that reflects the range of emotions you encounter on a daily basis. It defines how you view your life, that is, whether you’re satisfied or unsatisfied with your quality of life.

If you’re dissatisfied, then obviously, it means you’re not happy. However, if you are, then good for you! Now the thing is, just because someone’s happy doesn’t mean they’re going to be immune to negative emotions. Nothing can be further from the truth. Happy people still encounter trials and challenges, but they deal with these differently than unhappy people would. This is what sets them apart from the rest of the population. Happy people aren’t deterred easily. They’re less susceptible to negative emotions. They don’t allow others to walk all over them. Their happiness is contagious, and people naturally gravitate towards them. You’d know a genuinely happy person when you meet them. They can literally light up a room just by being in it.

No matter what your personal definition of happiness is, this simple truth remains: we can all use some more happiness in our lives. The world will be a much better place to live in if everyone on this planet radiates happiness.


Here is a checklist you can download.

Happiness Starts With You Checklist
Download PDF • 2.07MB

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