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Powerful Changes For Improving Fitness

What Can Go?

First, ask yourself “what can go?” If you’re currently using all your energy by the end of the day/week, then look at your current routine and ask what you can cut out. It might be something simple: maybe you could stop going to the pub on Sundays? Or maybe it’s something that requires a little more organization: perhaps you could speak with your employer about working from home one day a week? This could save you a HUGE amount of energy.

Even something small – like getting a dishwasher so you aren’t washing plates any more – can potentially save you a lot of energy to then be used exercising.

Don’t keep trying to add in to your life. Ask what you can cut out!

Where To Fit It In?

Remember in our example that switching the order of events when uploading articles could save us countless hours and lots of money? The same is often true for exercise So ask: when is the best time for you to exercise? Keep in mind factors like showering. If you exercise in the morning before your shower, then you are not adding extra time by showering as well. Alternatively, you might find that working out on your lunch break at work works well for you – because you’ve eliminated the need for travel. Here again, we’re looking to reduce “waste” in the form of movement, or “non-utilized talent” (that’s you!). More Small Fixes But there are probably more small fixes you can make in this efficient mindset too. For instance, ask yourself how many calories you are currently burning in a day. It may well be that you are like many people and you hardly move in a given day! Wearing a fitness tracker or step counter can bring this to stark light. If you work at a computer, drive or get the train to work, and don’t engage in physical activity in the evening, then of course you aren’t going to lose lots of weight during the day. Meanwhile, your body won’t be adapted to an active lifestyle. So the “way in” – the way to start fixing that – is to look at this routine and to find opportunities to improve it by adding small amounts of exercise. That means walking to the bus stop or getting off a stop early. It might mean using a standing desk to check your emails, or it might mean going for a very light walk at lunch.

These small changes add up to bigger effects, but what’s more is that they force adaptations in your body. And from your perspective, your day will look very similar because you have fitted the movement into your day in logical ways.

The Take home.

The take home is this: if you’re out of shape right now, that’s probably symptomatic of an overly busy and overly stressful routine. That means your lifestyle is probably inefficient, and there are likely things you can do to win back time, energy, and vigor. At the very least, you can find smarter ways to fit the new things in that you want to do.

This is an entirely different way to go about getting into shape, and it is FAR more effective.


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