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Updated: May 19, 2022

WHY CANT YOU COMMIT TO EXERCISING? There is definitely value in the concept of the microworkout. There is also definite benefit to trying to cut calories here and there from your routine.

But really, fitness should mean looking at your entire routine and assessing what about it is making you unfit. other small changes you can make to reduce your caloric intake.

Cutting that latte is a good start. But perhaps, you might also start looking for other reasons in your current routine that might be preventing you from training or from eating right. In other words, you’re going to look at your entire lifestyle and routine as one giant “flow” or “process” and then attempt to make improvements.

So you want to get into shape, but you can’t quite motivate yourself to do it. The problem is not physical, it’s psychological. But how do you go about breaking bad habits and getting yourself into the gym despite those reservations?

Well first of all we need to assess what each of the psychological and situational blocks are that are stopping you from achieving your goals, and then we need to look at how to eliminate them. This will work for fitness, but it will also work for many other areas of your life if you apply the same principles.

The key thing to recognize here, is that energy is a finite resource, as is time. You can’t keep adding more things to your routine and expect to get into shape. You’re probably burned out and perhaps a little stressed or even depressed – that is why you’re not in shape.

If you want to improve your health, then you need to look at ways to make your day more efficient so that you’ll have more opportunity to improve your health in other ways.

See you in the post to learn more....

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