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ACTIVATE Manifesting Goals & Inner Potential Workbook
  • ACTIVATE Manifesting Goals & Inner Potential Workbook

    Unlock your inner potential and manifest your goals with the ACTIVATE Manifesting Goals & Inner Potential Workbook. This comprehensive workbook is designed to help you tap into your inherent need to grow, evolve, and create greater realities for yourself. Through a series of exercises and prompts, you will be guided to identify your goals, visualize your ideal future, and take actionable steps to manifest your dreams. Whether you want to improve your career, relationships, or overall well-being, this workbook will help you unlock your true potential and live a more fulfilling life. Say goodbye to self-doubt and lack of direction, and say hello to a more confident and purposeful you with the ACTIVATE Manifesting Goals & Inner Potential Workbook.

    Eight Step Process For ManifestingGoals And Inner Potential + Master Class.

    "At Long Last! Discover How You Can Finally Build The Courage To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Achieve Your Dreams!"


    Uncover the step-by-step blueprint that will take you out from deep within your comfort zone to your ultimate successful goals as well as your personal freedom!

    We all have an inherent need to grow, evolve, and manifest ever greater realities. This is basic to our happiness and feelings of self-acceptance and selfcontentment.


    Happiness can be created in two ways:

    1. By manifesting what we want, creating the reality we desire.

    2. By learning to be happy with what we have with our present reality.


    We effectively manifest our goals with these
    8 steps:
    1. Clarify goals
    2. Set intention (consciously and subconsciously)
    3. Determine actions and “sacrifices of love”
    4. Remove inner obstacles
    5. Employ efforts and program
    6. Perseverance
    7. Patience
    8. Detachment from result


    In this Bundle you will have the opportunity to actively fill out coaching worksheets and have unlimited access to our Online Facebook Group Program ~ 4 Week Activation ~ Manifesting Your Goals and Inner Potential. 


    Download your workbook and the Program link will be inside your workbook. 

    See you soon.

    Love & Light

    Kerry Grezl


    Includes access to Online Master Class - LINK inside this workbook.



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