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L1: Sacred Awakening
Program Schedule.

Embark on a Gentle Journey of
Self Discovery and Enlightenment.

At Sacred Awakening Program, I am thrilled to welcome you to our members site for online and face to face training. My programs are specifically designed to help you achieve and growth in all areas your mind, body and soul, and I am confident that you will find the perfect fit for your personal growth and journey to awakening. Whether you prefer live online training or in-person workshops at Kerry's studio, Kerry offers unparalleled support and guidance for your soul's journey. So, I invite you to explore my program offerings with confidence and excitement, and discover the transformative power of Sacred Awakening Program.


Would you like to learn more about the program? I invite you to our online group to learn more about my exclusive  training. In this space is our waiting list for monthly intake dates, you can ask questions and free training. See you inside.


Sacred Awakening Program

Let me introduce you to
Your Self Discovery and Enlightenment Program.

Are you still curious if this program is right for you? I invite you to watch this video and lets get to know a bit about me!

Want to finally do something that you've been struggling with for years? Then this is for you.

So if you are ready to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, self-discovery, and transformation, then join the Sacred Awakening Program. This program is designed to help you unlock your full potential, awaken your inner power, and live a life of purpose and meaning. Through a series of guided meditations, energetic transmissions, and spiritual activations, you will be supported in breaking free from limitations, tapping into your inner wisdom, and unleashing your creative potential. You will deepen your connection to your soul, cultivate inner peace, and live a life that reflects your highest values. You will experience a profound shift in your consciousness, awaken to your true nature, and live a life of love, joy, and fulfillment. You will discover your life's purpose, overcome obstacles, and achieve your dreams. You will connect with a community of like-minded individuals, learn from expert guides, and support each other on your collective journey of growth and transformation. You will awaken your inner guidance, trust your intuition, and make decisions that align with your highest good. You will release limiting beliefs, embrace your authenticity, and live a life that truly reflects your soul's essence. And you will experience a deep sense of inner peace, connection to the universe, and oneness with all of existence.

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What do you get?

Your Program Modules



Module 1:
Awakening Your Truth.

- Explore your inner world and uncover hidden patterns and beliefs.
- Discover your personal values and passions.
- Embrace your authenticity and let go of limiting beliefs.


Module 2:
Embracing Your Shadow.

- Confront and integrate your shadow aspects
- Release self-judgment and embrace self-acceptance
- Cultivate compassion and understanding for yourself and others


Module 3: 
Awakening Your Inner Goddess.

- Connect with your feminine power and inner wisdom.
- Embrace your creativity and intuition.
- Nurture self-love and self-care practices.


Module 4: 
Unleashing Your Inner Strength.

- Tap into your inner resilience and courage.
- Break free from fear and doubt.
- Embrace your personal power and confidence.


Module 5: 
Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence.

- Connect with your feminine power and inner wisdom.
- Embrace your creativity and intuition.
- Nurture self-love and self-care practices.


Module 6: 
Integrating Your Awakening.

- Integrate the lessons and insights from the previous weeks.
- Create a personalized plan for continued growth and evolution.
- Celebrate your progress and newfound inner peace.


Still not sure if this program is for you?


Step 1: Are you ready to enrol?

"Step into your light."

To secure your spot pay your deposit $200. Then when we set a date for your first session you start your Payment Plan and let's get started!

Best Value

Sacred Awakening Program



Step 1: Secure Your Spot Deposit $200

Valid until canceled

So your ready to start your Program. Let's go!


Best Value

Sacred Awakening Program



Every week

Kick Start Your Spiritual Awakening.

Valid for 9 weeks

1:1 Personal Training at South West Rocks or Online Zoom.

6 x 1hr Workshops. (weekly dates to suit) + Worksheets.

BONUS "What are my Intuitive Abilities" ecourse $55

BONUS 4 Printable Spiritual Workbooks value $100

BONUS 4 x Transformational Videos value $110

BONUS 1 ABFE White Light - Water Essence value $28

Total BONUSES $293!

free 30 min consultation


Registered Student Hub Access Only.

Congratulations! Once you have started your payment plan you can enter our members hub with a password you have been given.

Step 3:
Members Hub Tools & Resources.

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"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion." -Buddha

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