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Self Care Daily Journal
  • Self Care Daily Journal

    Self-care is the process of taking care of oneself with behaviors, habits, and daily rituals that promote one's overall well-being and mental, emotional, and physical health. These types of practices are so critically important for your self esteem, resiliency, and quality of life. Self care can be as simple as taking 10 minutes to read a new book or as extravagant as a five-star spa day. The important thing is it makes you feel good. It is a chance for your to take the time to prioritize and show some love and gratitude for yourself.


    This practice is best done at the end of each day before bed. You can easily start incorporating it into your nightly routine. It can become the thing you do each night after you unplug, brush your teeth, and are ready to go to bed. I recommend printing out this journal and keeping it on your nightstand for the best results.


    Add this to your library and if you are a teacher this can be shared with your students. 

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      This book is not for resale. 

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