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Ground & Energise Pack
  • Ground & Energise Pack



    This Grounding & Energising Pack will create a safe and nurturing space for you, your clients and students. Matched these products with your Series 2: The Mindfulness Coach.


    Your Pack consists of: 

    • 1 x Crystal Clearing Mist.
    • 1 x  Savasana Mist.
    • 1 x Alchemy Oil.

    Shemana Elixirs combines ancient alchemy with modern apothecary to create a therapeutic range for your class. 

    • 1 x 15ml BALANCE Grounding Blend . DoTERRA Essential Oils are Gifts from the Earth.
    • 1 X 15ml ABFE Meditation Essence Drops.


    Add these Packs to your class kits for a professional, powerful and life changing experience.

      $179.80 Regular Price
      $174.80Sale Price
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