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Healing Therapy


Discover the highest version of yourself through building an aligned abundant life and holistic business.

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Welcome To
The Kindred Facilitator Training Hub

If your really ready to facilitate changing transformations holistic classes for your clients and students - all while earning income which you deserve - then you will love this group of heart centered people. 

But first let's focus on you and your personal journey. We will support your personal growth with coaching, mentoring and soul aligned training.


Even if you don’t know:

  • how you’ll release the yucky limiting beliefs currently stopping you from claiming your full power as a healer.

Many years ago I worked in a clinic as a healer and I would have the same people come in week after week to passively receive their healing.

Although they would feel better in the short term, there seemed to be no deep, lasting change. I felt like many of them were relying on me to help them feel better. They weren’t really engaging in their own healing.

I knew I wanted to be able to give my clients the magical keys to the kingdom of their own healing.

Are you ready to take action?

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Hi! My name is Kerry Grezl.
I am the CEO of Kerry Grezl Holistic Coaching.

Founder of: Reiki Student Training, Kindred Soul Facilitator and
I have been teaching in Australia in the Mind, Body & Soul Industry in the way of classes, workshops, one-on-one and retreats for over 27 years. I am trained in many modalities. Everything you need is here to support your personal development and to create your dream business that you deserve. 

If your a teacher, healer, coach, leader or space keeper who is....

Looking to become a more confident facilitator.

Wants to bring sacredness and authenticity to your work, but have no idea where to start.

Crave connection with a like-minded tribe and your ancestral wisdom.

Unsatisfied with teachers out there.

Ready to rise up in leadership and fully step into your Light as a healer.


Kindred with Soul Facilitator  is not for you if:

Your looking for a Guru/Teacher that's outside yourself and you want them to show you the way.

You're not ready to open and heal from past wounds or blame other for what you have gone through.

You're someone who likes to compete with others. We believe in our tribe to celebrate each other equally, not competing.

You are uncomfortable by conversations around Spirit / Universe/ Healer.

Your easily triggered by other peoples trauma. This is a sign you are needing work in this area, buts that ok. This training is next level and requires you to separate yourself from other peoples wounds and trauma and not take them on as your own.

Check out just some of the opportunities waiting for you to add to your business.


Class Kits & Training.

The essential chakra facilitator

An Everyday Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Centers.

Are you interested in teaching others about the 7 Chakra System? The you will feel confident to teach all about how they can improve health and wellbeing.

the mindfulness facilitator

Are you interested in teaching Mindfulness & Meditation Practice into your group sessions or one-on-one sessions with clients? 

Imagine how professional and effective these classes will benefit your clients and students.

Your class tool kits await you.

the spiritual facilitator

Do you feel a call to start or had a healing or spiritual modality to your classes?

If you are called to this type of energetic work you will enjoy these class kits to change and heal many lives. A transformational way to expand your business!

traditional reiki

Reiki is for everyone. Join Kerry's Reiki Training to become a Reiki Master Teacher to introduce these amazing and powerful classes for your own business.


Meditating on the Beach
Daily Mindfulness Practice Front page.png

Mindfulness Practice & Ritual Training Videos


Business Coaching


Fiona Dawson.jpg

I was so happy with the Biz Strategy Sessions I had with Kerry Grezl.  We went through a number of options and she helped me clarify who I wanted to work with and the general direction to take my coaching business. Great to give you a kick start to get you moving.

My Mindset went to Focused.

Fiona Dawson

Wholistic Empowerment Coach

denise marshman.jpg

As mature aged person starting a new business can be quite daunting. Especially when the pressure is on to add webpages and social media. I did think I had a rough idea ...but nooo! I decided to work with Kerry to get started, best decision I have made. Kerry is so easy to work with, lots of great ideas and amazing support. I cant believe how much I have progressed in in such a short time. Highly recommend Kerry. A lovely lady. Thank you for the experience. xxx 

Denise Marshman

Holistic Mindset Coach / Therapist

Still not quite sure if this is for you? Book in a free 30 min Zoom or Phone chat with Kerry.

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