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Awaken Your True Purpose - Connect to your spirit

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Light Up Your Souls Purpose. Building a connection with our inner world to illuminate the directions towards the life of your dreams. Attuning ourselves to soul guidance, revealing our innate gifts, and calling our ideal reality. Learn how to Awaken Your True Purpose through the use of Meditation & Ritual Practice. Let go of all your misconceptions about meditation, tune into your breath and get ready to find complete balance and total Zen. Experience your own unique, spiritual awakening. Each Module we will focus on an aspect that links our mind, our body (and breath) our soul essence to help you develop a spiritual practice that works for you! Beginning and sticking with our practice is not so easy, so let's start slow. We will learn how to tune into our breath, different breathing techniques, quieting the mind, noticing areas of tension and discomfort in the body, and discovering tools to amplify our meditation & spiritual experience. We will also practice guided visualization meditations and have a brief introduction to our chakra system and many more amazing practical exercises with the use of recorded videos, PDF downloads and FREE goodies! Each experience we will practice bringing our attention to the sensations in our body, to the fluctuations in our mind, and to the quality of our breath so that we may find peace and awareness within ourselves. "Reclaim Your Magic."

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